Sunday, February 16, 2020

8-tap ToF Pixel

MDPI paper "An 8-Tap CMOS Lock-In Pixel Image Sensor for Short-Pulse Time-of-Flight Measurements" by Yuya Shirakawa, Keita Yasutomi, Keiichiro Kagawa, Satoshi Aoyama, and Shoji Kawahito from Shizuoka University and Brookman, Japan, is a part of Special issue on the 2019 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW2019).

"An 8-tap CMOS lock-in pixel image sensor that has seven carrier-capturing and a draining time window was developed for short-pulse time-of-flight (TOF) measurements. The proposed pixel for the short-pulse TOF measurements has seven consecutive time-gating windows, each of which has the width of 6 ns, which is advantageous for high-resolution range imaging, particularly for relatively longer distances (>5 m) and under high ambient light operations. In order to enhance the depth resolution, a technique for the depth-adaptive time-gating-number assignment (DATA) for the short-pulse TOF measurement is proposed. A prototype of the 8-tap CMOS lock-in pixel image sensor is implemented with a 1POLY 4METAL 0.11-μm CIS process. The maximum non-linearity error of 1.56% FS for the range of 1–6.4 m and the depth resolution of 6.4 mm was obtained at 6.2 m using the DATA technique."


  1. Fascinating, would love to test it :-).

  2. This design should get the Award for the most artistic layout in 2019 !
    PS I will start reporting about ISSCC from tomorrow onwards.


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