Thursday, February 20, 2020

trinamiX Presents "Live Skin" Facial Recognition

PRNewswire: trinamiX GmbH has joined the Qualcomm Software Accelerator Program to enable its patented technology for "live skin" detection for facial recognition on mobile devices. OEM customers will now be able to use the trinamiX proprietary "Beam Profile Analysis" technology, which extracts 3 data streams from a single camera system: a 2D IR image, a 3D depth map and most uniquely – material classification.

The material classification is accomplished through trinamiX proprietary algorithms that run on the Qualcomm Hexagon Processor on Snapdragon platforms. This ability to classify and identify materials based on their physical properties is a result of trinamiX research and development while operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF.

"Using our patented 3D imaging technology, the solution will enable mobile devices powered by the Hexagon Processor inside Snapdragon mobile platforms to achieve a previously unattainable goal – the ability to sense live skin as part of a secure facial recognition," said Ingmar Bruder, Managing Director and founder of trinamiX.

Fastcompany publishes on the new trinamiX technology: "The Trinamix system combines a near-infrared spectroscopy 1-megapixel sensor with LED flood illumination and a light projector—both designed to be eye-safe—with proprietary beam analysis, to gauge the composition of the material the sensor is pointed at. Wood reflects back a different beam pattern than plastic, even if both have the identical shape and color. And because even slightly different materials reflect differently, the technology can tell the difference between skin with blood flowing under it and skin without."

The company's video demos the material recognition:

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  1. I couldn't find more details, do you think this uses diffuse reflectance (SFDI like) method for material classifications?


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