Monday, February 17, 2020

Silicon Optronics 2018 Report

Taiwan-based Silicon Optronics Inc. (SOI) rarely publishes English info about its business. A translation of the company's 2018 annual report is an exception. Few quotes:

"In the past two years, the image sensor products for surveillance were the main product lines of SOI. We continue to research and develop new application of relevant products to expand the market and to gain more addon values, such as car electronics, drone camera(UAV), industrial robot, etc.

The revenue of SOI was NT$2,034,267,000 in 2018, which increases 19% compared with 2017. The total sales volume also increased more than 20%. In 2018, the net profit after tax was NT$157,432,000, which is 23% decrease than 2017. Due to extreme competition of image sensors in the surveillance market, resulting in the decrease in net profit after tax, compared with the previous year.

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