Tuesday, February 25, 2020

poLight Reports Multiple Design Wins in Smartwatches

poLight announces that it has received a purchase order of approximately NOK 250,000 of TLens and ASIC drivers. The purchase order is related to the two smartwatch phone design-wins announced earlier in 2020.

We are still in the early days since the market launch of the two smartwacthes and therefore very pleased to see the customer returning to refill its stock of TLens,” said √ėyvind Isaksen, the CEO of poLight.

Following this order, an accumulated order intake of NOK 2,3 millions for TLens and ASIC drivers has so far been ordered related to the two smartwatch phone releases.

The watch targets a growing market tailored for children in China. The watch camera which is used to take pictures is based on the AF function delivered by poLight.


  1. poLight Tlens now included in numerous patents, mobile, automotive, medical, ar, vr +++. Designwin announced also for barcode.
    Mulitiple oems struggling with under screen camera, where we now find poLight mentioned in lots of patents. latest from apple.

    Alltough in norwegian, this site sums up all current patents found in various oems.

    Seems like vcm has found its nemesis?

  2. https://www.polight.com/investors/news/press-release-details/2020/poLight-ASA--poLight-has-received-confirmation-that-TLens-is-included-in-a-barcode-product/default.aspx



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