Thursday, February 20, 2020

Albert Theuwissen Reviews ISSCC 2020 - Part 1

Albert Theuwissen's review of ISSCC 2020 starts from Sony paper "A 132 dB single exposure dynamic range CMOS image sensor with high temperature tolerance" by Y. Sakano, T. Toyoshima, R. Nakamura, T. Asatsuma, Y. Hattori, T. Yamanaka, R. Yoshikawa, N. Kawazu, T. Matsuura, Iinuma, T. Toya, T. Watanabe, A. Suzuki, Y. Motohashi, J. Azami, Y. Tateshita, T. Haruta, and F. Brady.

Samsung paper “A 2.1 e temporal noise and -105 dB parasitic light sensitivity backside-illuminated 2.3 um pixel voltage domain global shutter CMOS image sensor using high-capacity DRAM capacitor technology” by Jae-kyu Lee, Seung Sik Kim, In-Gyu Baek, Heesung Shim, Taehoon Kim, Taehyoung Kim, Jungchan Kyoung, Dongmo Im, Jinyong Choi, KeunYeong Cho, Daehoon Kim, Haemin Lim, Min-Woong Seo, JuYoung Kim, Doowon Kwon, Jiyoun Song, Jiyoon Kim, Minho Jang, Joosung Moon, HyunChul Kim, Chong Kwang Chang, JinGyun Kim, Kyoungmin Koh, HanJin Lim, JungChak Ahn, Hyeongsun Hong, Kyupil Lee, Ho-Kyu Kang presents one of the industry smallest GS pixels.


  1. Beautiful pixel by Samsung, with their Voltage Domain GS and NIR Enhancement it looks like they can now compete with TSMC and the likes of OVT and Smartsens.

  2. In Sony's paper, highest full well of 165,800 electrons was realized in SP2 with help from electron overflow to FC, while the vertical transfer gate was implemented in SP1.


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