Friday, February 21, 2020

Albert Theuwissen Reviews ISSCC 2020 - Part 2

The second part of the review starts with Samsung small-pixel paper "A 1/2.65inch 44Mpixel CMOS image sensor with 0.7 um pixels fabricated in advanced full-depth deep-trench isolation technology" by HyunChul Kim, Jongeun Park, Insung Joe, Doowon Kwon, Joo Hyoung Kim, Dongsuk Cho, Taehun Lee, Changkyu Lee, Haeyong Park, Soojin Hong, Chongkwang Chang, Jingyun Kim, Hanjin Lim, Youngsun Oh, Yitae Kim, Seungjoo Nah, Sangill Jung, Jaekyu Lee, JungChak Ahn, Hyeongsun Hong, Kyupil Lee, and Ho-Kyu Kang. The paper explains Bosch HART process used to create thin vertical DTI with large aspect ratio:

Artilux paper "An up-to-1400 nm 500MHz Demodulated time-of-flight image sensor on a Ge-on-Si platform" by C.-L. Chen, S.-W. Chu, B.-J. Chen, Y.-F. Lyu, K.-C. Hsu, C.-F. Liang, S.-S. Su, M.-J. Yang, C.-Y. Chen, S.-L. Cheng, H.-D. Liu, C.-T. Lin, K. P. Petrov, H.-W. Chen, K.-C. Chu, P.-C. Wu, P.-T. Huang, N. Na, and S.-L. Chen reports 50% QE at 1550nm for a Ge-on-Si stacked BSI sensor:

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