Thursday, February 06, 2020

ON Semi Reports Q4 2019 Results

SeekingAlpha transcript of ON Semi Q4 earnings call updates on the company's CIS business:

"An emerging area of growth for our industrial business is e-commerce. We have built a strong design win pipeline for our CMOS image sensors for warehouse automation and delivery robots. We are engaged with the leading e-commerce retailers on many programs, and we expect strong contribution from this segment of the industrial market.

During the fourth quarter of 2019, we secured design wins for key platforms for ADAS and incabin viewing applications. Our design funnel for ADAS continues to expand at a robust pace. As we noted in our previous earnings call, we have won 16 of the 17 two-megapixel and eight-megapixel platforms awarded in 2019 for level-2 and level-3 vehicles.

Our LiDAR and radar products are gaining strong traction, and our design funnel for these products continues to expand at a rapid pace. We believe that we are enabling democratization of LiDAR with a solid-state solution, which is a fraction of cost of other existing solutions. Our low cost advantage is enabled by a CMOS based architecture as opposed to that based on exotic materials. Based on our design win pipeline, we expect to have leading share with top five global LiDAR module makers.

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