Monday, February 17, 2020

Coronavirus and Image Sensor Companies

Sony Semiconductor Solutions announces the measures to ensure the safety and health of its customers, business partners and Sony Group employees and to prevent further spread, such as prohibition of all overseas business trips or working from home for those who have just returned from China:

"we would like our customers and business partners who have traveled to China to refrain from entering any Sony’s office areas for the next 14 days after the immigration into Japan. In addition, when we meet with any customers or business partners, regardless of where we meet, please allow us to make sure whether those people have visited China within the last 14 days," says Sony.

Smartsens reports that "as of now, there is no infected or suspected of being infected employees of Smartsens. "On the supply side product, Smartsens still provides normal supply. However, due to strict logistics control in many places due to epidemic prevention needs, the timeliness of product logistics may be affected to a certain extent.

At the same time, in order to reduce the concentration of personnel and prevent the epidemic from spreading further, we will appropriately adjust the arrangements for corporate offline market activities and participation in third-party offline market activities in the first half of 2020.

Solid-State Supplies publishes Omnivision's letter to customers from Feb. 3, 2020:

Update: TrendForce publishes a forecast on coronavirus impact on electronic industry:

Update: Gpixel comes up with a statement on COVID-19 outbreak: "We start operation from 10th Feb after Chinese New Year holiday complying with the preventive medicinal regulation by the central and local government and administration. Multiple precaution measures have been undertaken at our Chinese office to prevent further spreading and minimize the impact from the virus according to the expertise instructions from the authority.

Changchun City where our headquarter office located is far from the center of the infected area in the Wuhan, Hubei province. Most of our functional teams like design engineering, sales & marketing and remote technical support are operating again as normal. Our production and logistic department in Changchun office is not affected as our key suppliers in Israel and Japan are not severally affected by the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

However, due to the precaution measures taken by the government, such as extended holiday, temporary transportation control and under staff, our off-line sales activity, on-site technical support and business travel within China are temporally suspended. The production schedule of certain products and the shipment from Changchun office are slightly delayed due to the strict logistics control in many places.

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