Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Broadcom Announces SiPM with High NIR PDE for LiDARs

Broadcom Industrial Fiber Products Division (IFPD) announces new silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) devices for automotive and industrial LiDAR applications. Broadcom’s latest NIR SiPM solutions address various challenges, such as range limitations and multi-target resolution. The underlying NIR SiPM technology is said to deliver an unprecedented performance by combining a high photon detection efficiency (PDE) of 18 percent at 905 nm with a recharge time of 10 ns. HDR is achieved with the smallest cell size, while a low dark count rate (DCR), low crosstalk and after-pulsing probability make Broadcom’s NIR SiPM good fit for LiDAR applications.

Broadcom NIR SiPM highlights:
  • PDE at 905 nm: 18%
  • Recharge time constant: < 10 ns
  • Single photon time resolution: 500 ps
  • Smallest cell size
  • DCR: 600 kHz/mm2
  • Direct crosstalk: < 20%
  • Samples available
Broadcom IFPD successfully released NUV-HD products to the market two years ago. Now that our key SiPM milestones have been reached, we are excited to announce our new cutting-edge NIR solutions for LiDAR applications. The very high PDE, small cell size and low recharge time are critical to enabling mass market adoption of LiDAR. With a long-established history of developing and supplying automotive-grade and industrial fiber optic solutions, Broadcom is well positioned to address the growing demand of high performing LiDAR sensors for the automotive and industrial markets,” said Martin Weigert, VP and GM of Broadcom IFPD.

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