Friday, February 07, 2020

Credit Suisse on Smartphone Camera Trends

IFNews publishes Credit Suisse report "China Technology Sector, Hardware outlook 2020: Stay invested for 5G ramp-up." The analysts coin a new term HOVX standing for Huawei-Oppo-Vivo-Xiaomi, the leading brands in China.

"Multi-cam still a clear trend: With higher data bandwidth and traffic, photo/video sharing demand will drive the upgrade of higher solution better optical performance in camera. Penetration of triple+ camera will further increase. The new iPhone may adopt ToF for a 3D camera feature which will drive the adoption of ToF in the Android camp as well.

3D-sensing: We see 3D sensing is gaining popularity among Chinese smartphones, driven by Huawei Mate 20 series in 3Q18, and we see an increasing trend of ToF adoption among flagship Android smartphone models such as Mate 30 Pro, Honor V20, and even Galaxy Note 10+, whose share is getting close to SL 3D-sensing solutions. Our Taiwan tech analyst estimates 20 mn/25 mn units of Android Face ID shipment and 20 mn/100 mn units of ToF camera in 2019/20E, respectively.

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