Friday, October 21, 2011

Fraunhofer Workshop on CMOS Imaging

The program of 6th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop on CMOS Imaging has been published. The workshop is to be held in Duisburg, Germany on June 12-13, 2012. The program includes:

2D - Imaging
  • Worse Imagers – Better Images,
    Albert Theuwissen, Harvest Imaging
  • Optimizing the Heart of Modern CIS Pixels: the Pinned Diode and Beyond,
    Amos Fenigstein, TowerJazz
  • Cmos Imagers for Professional Applications,
    Rainer Schweer, Viimagic
    Peter Centen, Grass Valley
  • Space Imaging,
    Dirk Viehmann, Astrium
3D - Time-of-Flight Imaging
  • 3D-TOF Imaging with PMD Sensors - application requirements and solutions,
    Robert Lange, PMD Technologies
  • CAPDs and 3D-TOF Imaging,
    Daniel van Nieuwenhove, SoftKinetic
  • CMOS Sensors for TOF Ranging,
    Werner Brockherde, Fraunhofer IMS
Non-visible Imaging
  • Thermal Imagers Based on Uncooled Microbolometers,
    Holger Vogt, Fraunhofer IMS
  • Medical X-ray imaging Using Wafer-scale CMOS Image Sensors,
    Jan Bosiers, Teledyne DALSA
Optics and Camera Testing
  • Optics for CMOS Imagers,
    Ziv Attar, OpEra Optics
  • Camera Characterisation Based on EMVA 1288,
    Bernd Jähne, University of Heidelberg
SPAD Imaging
  • Scaleable SPAD Structures for High Resolution Single Photon Image Sensors,
    Robert Henderson, University of Edinburgh
  • Fully Integrated Arrays of Digital Si-Photomultipliers,
    York Hämisch, Philips
  • SPAD Technology and Applications,
    Franco Zappa, Politecnico di Milano


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