Monday, October 17, 2011

More Eedoo Rumors

Marbridge Consulting quotes Jack Luo, CEO of Eedoo, saying recently that the company will begin limited sales of its iSec gaming console priced at approximately RMB 3,000 in December.

Luo denied earlier reports claiming an exodus of founding employees from Eedoo after the company diluted their shares, a lack of product release dates, and fleeing partners. Of the original seven Lenovo staff who founded Eedoo, six remain at the company, which has grown to 130 employees with a turnover rate under 5%.

Luo said that in preparation for an IPO the offshore parent company in the Cayman Islands has been registered. The early stock incentives offered to employees by the domestic company were calculated in RMB, and the VC requirement that all stock option agreements be redrawn after the establishment of the foreign-invested offshore company resulted in decreased share holdings for all employees.

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