Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eric Fossum's Lecture on Image Sensors

Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science published Eric Fossum's lecture "Photons to Bits and Beyond: The Science & Technology of Digital Image Sensors" on Youtube - an excellent 1-hour overview of the technology from basics to the state of the art:


  1. Is there a link to the PPT?

  2. Thank you EF, I enjoyed that a lot. A great introduction to image sensor technology for the layman. I liked your anecdote about working for a year and a half on an idea that seemed original based on an exhaustive search, only to discover at the last second with a slightly different search that the exact same idea had already been published 12 years earlier. :)

  3. VK - I did not know this talk was posted! Always an odd pleasure to find it first here on ISW Blog.

    I have given this talk at Yale, first, and then Dartmouth and Columbia all in the space of a few weeks. I have been asked to give a similar talk at JPL & Caltech in a few weeks. After that I will post the slides.

    Thanks DB. It is a bit uncomfortable watching one's self on video. Do I really sound like that? Yikes!

  4. Thanks for posting this.

  5. To Eric Fossum
    Thanks for enriching our lives.
    To Vladimir
    Thanks for posting

  6. Mr Fossum,

    Could you please share details (date and place) about the talk at JPL & Caltech?



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