Friday, October 14, 2011

Xbox Kinect Competitor Eedoo Accused of Cheating

Mena FN: Unnamed sources said that both investors and authorities were cheated by Eedoo as many games it showed at a press conference not long ago were in fact video recordings. Notably, the games were full of bugs and the video game consoles' performance was not stable. That was why Eedoo had failed to give an specific timetable on when it would launch the products so far. An unnamed partner of the company confirmed the saying in an interview recently, adding that it was required to provide two videos and one was for promotion and the other was for representation.

Established as a separate company in July 2010, Eedoo (Beijing, China) used to be S&P Game & Multimedia unit in Lenovo Group before that. The company announced it uses Sofkinetic ToF technology to control the games, similar to Microsoft Kinect. It aims to be No.1 in both home video game equipment and online services on the Chinese market. Currently, its core business is the iSec home sport entertainment center and the prototype of iSec is the results of two years' in-house research and development effort of the S&P business unit in Lenovo Group, the world's second-biggest PC maker by shipment.

Kotaku quotes Microsoft Game Studios exec Phil Spencer saying regarding Eedoo competition as recently as few weeks ago: "I think it's all about who builds the best experiences. I don't think anybody longs to buy a piece of plastic to put under their TV. I think what it's going to be able is who has the best games and experiences for people. I think it's always been about that and should be."


  1. "Unnamed sources" said a pre-release game console that wasn't in production had bugs?

    Gee, how unusual.

    So what's the angle here: all tech products that that are announced months before their release date should be perfect? That the Kinect is a perfect technology without bugs? Just trying to find the angle you are pushing here.

  2. There will be a lot of competitors to Kinect. Kinect shows that the laser based solution could be used for in--house entertainement devices and the structured light approach is so well knowen, it's hard to keep the uniqueness.

  3. Why Microsoft doesn't sue Eedoo???

  4. @ "all tech products that that are announced months before their release date should be perfect?"

    I'm not saying that. There are different products and different schedules. For example, Microsoft Kinect was widely demoed at E3 show on real games 5 months before the release.

  5. A response to the rumor above: Eedoo to Begin Limited Game Console Sales in December (

  6. Staged demo is common. Many demos never made into products.

    The competitors are just trying to project a negative image on this new company. If this were a start up in silicon valley, what a big deal?


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