Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Axcelis Optima HDx Selected for CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturing

PR Newswire: Axcelis announced that it has received an order for its Optima HDx high current implanter from one of the world's largest device manufacturers. The first system shipped in September and will be used to enable production of leading edge CMOS image sensors.

The implanters of this sort are used for very low-energy implants like source-drain ones, PD pinning layer or backside passivation implant. According to Axcelis white paper the energy can go down to 7KeV.


  1. I am surprised they use 7keV implant energy to do backside passivation. It seems a bit deep to me. I guess they can achieve lower energy, closer to 2 keV...

  2. Depends on oxide thickness through which it's implanted.


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