Friday, October 14, 2011

Toshiba Launches Image Recognition Processors

Toshiba announced the second-generation of its Visconti series of image recognition processors for automotive applications, Visconti2 (TMPV7500). The processors recognize lanes, vehicles and pedestrians using a camera-based vision system. The Visconti2 devices support up to four 1.3 MP color cameras, making them suitable for applications requiring color identification, such as the detection of traffic lights and signs. They incorporate four separate media processing engines (MPEs) and up to six image processing accelerators to enhance image recognition performance.

The Visconti2 devices' image processing accelerators use Toshiba's own histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) technology to enable real-time pedestrian detection at both day and night, thanks to its ability to sense lighting changes and small deformations.

The Visconti2 family of processors consists of two products: the TMPV7506XBG which supports up to four cameras and the TMPV7504XBG which supports up to two cameras. When connected to four cameras, the TMPV7506XBG can simulate a bird's-eye view based on image data captured by the cameras for use in parking assistance applications.

Both MPV7506XBG and TMPV7504XBG are scheduled to begin sampling in November. Samples are priced at $77.88 for the TMPV7506XBG and $51.92 for the TMPV7504XBG. Mass production of both devices is scheduled for September 2012. Electronics Weekly reports that Toshiba intends to expand the image recognition processor business by enhancing these devices for industrial and consumer applications as well.

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