Tuesday, October 04, 2011

It's Official Now: Nobukazu Teranishi Received 2011 PSA Progress Medal

For some odd reason, there was no official news report on the award. Now there is - Photographic Society of America Fall Newsletter has an article on Nobukazu Teranishi receiving 2011 PSA Progress Medal Nobukazu Teranishi at the Final Banquet of the 73rd Annual Conference of Photography held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Nobukazu Teranishiis the General Manager in the Image Sensor Business Unit in Japan. He has been an influential technical leader in the development of both CCDs and CMOS sensors for 31 years, and accomplished the following three key technologies:

  1. the pinned photodiode for no image lag, low noise and low dark current
  2. technologies to prevent high light deterations
  3. mega –pixel technologies for HDTV cameras and digital still cameras.

Almost all CCD’s and CMOS sensors use pinned photodiodes now and 200 million CCD’s and one billion CMOS sensors were produced in 2008.

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