Sunday, October 30, 2011

Intel in Talks to Acquire 3D Sensing Company

Ynet, Globes: Intel is reported to be in advanced talks to buy InVision Biometrics Ltd. for $50-60 million. Intel is looking to acquire applications which provide hands-free 3D sensors. Invision Biometrics, previously unexposed to the media, is a developer of 3D sensors which detect face and body movement and translate them into on-screen game moves, similarly to Microsoft's Kinect. Invision was founded 4 years ago with an investment of $2-3M. The company acquired 3D vision patents from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

On its web site InVision says that its technology uses a stereo triangulation, multi-pattern based solution integrated with binary codes combined with MEMS technology to improve speed and accuracy at affordable cost.


  1. "Invision was founded 4 years ago with an investment of $2-3."

    I assume that's a typo, otherwise that's a heck of a ROI.

  2. Indeed typo. It meant to be $2-3M. Thanks - fixed.

  3. there really is no 20x return. Assuming an investment of 2m-3m for about 50% of the company. Then, investors would have a 4x-6x return. Still not bad actually, for another active light company (with MEMs?) Really? Mass production is going to be very interesting, and so will real-time performance, with Mems controlling lenses and/or IR patterns.

  4. How does this technology compare to ToF?


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