Thursday, October 27, 2011

CMOSIS Announces 70MP Sensor with 3.1um Pixels

Electronics Weekly, EETimes-Europe: Cmosis has developed CHR70M sensor with 10,000 by 7,096 pixel array. The pixel pitch of 3.1µm x 3.1µm, in a 2-pixel sharing pattern. The data is transferred through eight analogue outputs, each running at a clock rate of 30MHz providing 3fps at full resolution.

In the sensor design special precautions have been taken to assure that the two pixels with shared readout behave very similarly in terms of offset and gain, to avoid checkerboard-like artifacts and the need for off-chip calibration.

"This is particularly important for the B/W version since the effect, if present, would be masked by the bayer RGB CFA pattern in the CHR70M. Due to the staggered layout of the pixel readout circuitry all pixels show similar MTF behaviour and angular sensitivity," said the company.

The sensor, which is packaged in a 65-pin ceramic PGA as a B/W with and without micro lenses, as well as a bayer RGB color version with microlenses. All versions will be offered with glass cover with two-sided anti-reflective coating.

Monochrome and RGB color CHR70M samples with micro lenses will be available form January 2012. Typical applications for the of sensor are industrial imaging, such as flat-panel and PCB inspection, document scanning and aerial photography.

Update: Here is the product page for the sensor, although it does not appear in the list of CMOSIS standard products, as of Nov. 10, 2011.


  1. Nice but I'm wondering what the yield is of such a device. And the corresponding ASP.

  2. I guess the price would be around $3000.

  3. The CHR70M is added to our list of standard products on our website...


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