Monday, October 31, 2011

New Scale AF Modules Proven in Machine Vision, Biometric and Medical Apps

New Scale Technologies announced that its miniature M3-F focus module is currently in production in commercial camera systems for biometric identification, medical devices and various machine vision applications by leading OEMs in these markets. More than 50 OEM additional customers have completed qualification of the M3-F focus module in vision systems that are slated to go into volume production over the next six months.

With a footprint of 20 x 22 mm, a height of 16 mm and no external control board, the M3-F easily replaces fixed lens holders over CCD or CMOS image sensors without adding to the camera size. It is compatible with image sensors up to 17x17 mm, including the 1/2” and 1/1.8” formats. It accepts standard threaded lens assemblies from M8 to M12 in size and up to 5 grams in weight. The M3-F moves lenses with 0.5um position resolution and very low tip/tilt, keeping the image focused on the center of the image sensor. The embedded closed-loop drive delivers high repeatability, low temperature dependence and no hysteresis.


  1. how about center and/or tilt adjustment for lens, or theese tasks maked by "classical" way? by hands of optician?


  2. If this is KP, please contact me. We are having a 10 yr PB reunion party 11/12 in Pasadena. All former PB employees are invited, hosted by me and SK.


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