Sunday, February 26, 2012

Awaiba Publishes NanEye Spec

Awaiba published the spec of its 62Kpixel 1 sq. mm sensor for endoscopy applications, together with the sample pictures and videos.

NanEye is a tiny camera module which consists of an CMOS image sensor with a footprint size of 1mm x 1mm and, optionally, an adapted miniature optics. The device is mounted on a flat ribbon cable up to 3m length that connects to the Awaiba base station. The base station is connected with a standard USB cable up to 5m length to a PC.

NanEye Simplified Block Diagram

It appears that endoscope imaging market attracts more and more players. TI recently opened a dedicated page devoted to endoscopic solutions. Also, according to the new Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai, the company sees the endoscope market as one of its top priorities (Bloomberg).


  1. What are the main applications of such device? The image quality seems very low, even the demo video on Awaiba's site is of very poor quality.

  2. I am guessing....endoscopy? Just a hunch.

  3. What is the F. No of the lens? It's so tiny!!!


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