Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PMD Acquires IEE Vision Sensing, Opens Dresden Design Center

PMDTechnologies (PMD) and IEE S.A. (IEE) announce the transfer of IEE Vision Sensing GmbH, a subsidiary of IEE located in Dresden, Germany, to PMD effective December 1st 2011.

During the past five years, the IEE Dresden team has developed mixed-signal ASIC designs for sensor applications. They also helped to develop the core 3D ToF technology, which resulted in a variety of products based on IEE’s 3D MLI Sensor - the Tailgate Detector TDflex, People Counter and Volumetric Object Surveillor. The mixed-signal chip design, along with the test and qualification experience of the Dresden team, will strengthen PMD’s position as a 3D ToF image sensor company. "The consolidation of the existing 3D ToF know-how at PMD and IEE Vision Sensing will advance PMD’s technology to new levels of innovation and quality,” says Prof. Mierau, PMD’s new Branch Manager Dresden.

In addition to the acquisition, IEE and PMD have also established a strategic cooperation. IEE will continue to expand their 3D image sensing product portfolio, particularly for automotive and building security applications, while PMD will use their six years of experience supplying mass market 3D chips, to support both IEE’s existing and new products.


  1. How about the acquisition's impact on MESA Imaging? I remember that IEE has a collaboration with CSEM and founded SWISSRANGER at that time.

  2. The way of IEE and CSEM/MESA diverged araound 2005.

    By that year IEE acquired a complete development team in Dresden (IEE Vision Sensing GmbH) and focussed on the industrialisation of the CSEM/MESA approach. The current IEE MLI product is in industrial production and qualified for automotive use.

    MESA continued to have their focus research, predevelopment and selling a big amount of Swissrangers on a "advanced prototype" status.

    The acquisition enables PMDTec to push their Products to real industrial mass production and automotiv quality.


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