Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Himax Reports Quarterly and Yearly Results

Himax says in its Q4 2011 earnings call: "CMOS image sensor, while in its first year of commercial shipment, already accounted for a significant portion of our non-driver sales last year. We currently offer 3 mega pixel, 2 mega pixel, 1.3 mega pixel, HD, VGA and qVGA products, focusing on handset, laptop and tablet applications. We plan to release new sensor products this year to further strengthen our product portfolio and to penetrate into new markets such as TV Cam, PC Cam, drive recorder, surveillance and automotive applications. CMOS image sensor is and will continue to be a fastgrowing area for us. While we are a new comer to the market, our sensors have been highly praised by many to have outperformed those offered by the incumbent players in terms of image quality. Consequently we have numerous design-wins from customers ranging from camera module makers, contract manufacturers to system integrators with world leading brand names. 2011 was the year when we put our name clearly in the map. We are confident that 2012 will be a year of strong sales growth in this product area."

Unfortunately, no numbers on image sensor business was released. However, revenues from Himax’s non-driver businesses, which include CMOS image sensors and wafer optics, LCOS micro image projectors, touch panel controllers and timing controllers combined were $21.7M or 12.8% of the company's total revenues in Q4 2011.

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