Friday, February 10, 2012

Gesture Recognition News

Image Sensors 1012 site published Q&A session with Daniël Van Nieuwenhove, SoftKinetic's CTO. Some quotes:

Q: Will we eventually see this replace all other forms of user interfacing?

A: Replacing all forms of user interfacing it will definitely not. We are convinced the technology will disrupt some established user interfaces, and in many cases will enrich the currently used approaches. We also see user interactions emerging, where previously there were none: digital signage is a good example of such a market.

Q: From a technical standpoint, what are your main challenges in developing this technology further?

A: The technology has a huge potential, but is young and a rough diamond today, and therefore contains plenty of challenges. We have the different aspects of the end-to-end solution combined in Softkinetic, going from sensor to camera production to middleware and application development. This represents huge opportunities, but also huge challenges. One of our main advantages, but also challenges, is optimizing and integrating this whole chain optimally in the different platforms such as TV and PC. The most bizarre one is probably the challenge to remain focused and, amongst the large amount of options, direct the technology where it merits the most.

EETimes-Europe: Meanwhile Continental AG demos gesture control in its concept car at Chicago Auto Show these days.

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