Thursday, February 16, 2012

Imaging at Photonics West 2012 published a review of Photonics West 2012 with emphasis on image technologies. It appears that InGaAs NIR/SWIR sensors are becoming a popular category at the exhibition: FLIR, Hamamatsu and Sensors Unlimited presented their InGaAs products.

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  1. Actually, there is very little imaging at Photonics West. The Electronic Imaging conference goes on at almost the same time near the SF Airport but that does not have a real exhibition. The only SPIE show left with much imaging is the DSS conference (in Baltimore at the end of April this year), which is pretty strange considering that SPIE started out as an organization for people doing high-speed film imaging.

    I'd love to have a real scientific/industrial/technical/defense imaging show aimed at OEMs to display my product lines. Maybe OSA and SPIE will fix the EI conference so it has a real exhibition.


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