Thursday, February 23, 2012

ISSCC: NHK Presents 8K 120fps Super Hi-Vision Sensor

NHK presents Super Hi-Vision 8K TV sensor capable to shoot at 120fps speed. NHK has partnered with Shizuoka University to develop the new fast readout circuits. The sensor is being presented at ISSCC these days.

Update: Tech-On gives more details about the NHK sensor. The sensor is built in 0.18um process and has 2.8um pixels.

In order to achieve high speed at low power the cyclic column-parallel 12b ADC uses a two-tiered architecture. The first ADC resolves 4b, and the next stage delivers the rest 8b. The power of the ADC is 800mW.


  1. Wow! How long till consumer cameras get 32 megapixels at 120 fps? This sensor is probably four or more years ahead of consumer products at the same level.

  2. Such a sensor could appear at any time. These UDTV sensors have been in development for a long time by DALSA (CCDs), Photobit (10 years ago in CMOS), Forza and now Brookman, all under contract to NHK (I think). It has been great that NHK has nurtured this technology across many suppliers over the years. It is a clever strategy and very beneficial to small companies. The technology has progressed in reduced pixel size, better performance, and higher data rates over the past decade plus.

    These chips do get warm at these data rates. There are several obstacles to full commercialization but I think they can all be readily overcome if some manufacturer wanted to make such a camera.

    Kudos to NHK for long range vision and consistency, not to mention sharing the wealth.

  3. Wow, this is incredible. Would love to see images from this...


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