Monday, February 20, 2012

Panasonic Presents SmartFSI 1.43um Pixel Sensor

Panasonic announces the availability of its MN34110PA sensor based on "SmartFSI" 1.43um pixels. The sensor was first revealed in May 2011 and was said to have the industry's highest sensitivity of 3050 e-/lx/sec/μm2.

The 1/2.33-inch 14.2MP sensor can operate at 18.21fps at full resolution or 60fps in 1080p mode. Its ADC has 12b resolution delivered through sub-LVDS DDR-style I/O. The sensor is intended for DSCs and camcorders.


  1. What do they mean by Smart FSI?

  2. This means that there is a japanese guy inside each pixel who directs the light into the tiny photodiode.

  3. That's funny :), its a very cost competitive technology if they have good yields? performance at 1.4um was shown to be as good as the best in class BSI.


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