Saturday, February 04, 2012

iSuppli: CCD Market Share Dropped to 8% in 2011

IHS iSupply Image Sensor Market Q1 2012 report states that CMOS sensors took 73% of the revenue and 92% of the units shipped in 2011. "CMOS technology is expected to climb even higher in future years, to 90 percent of revenues for sensors and 97 percent of shipments.

CMOS sensors already dominate cameras in notebook PCs cameras with 100% penetration as a result of their lower power and cost advantages.

While CCD manufacturers are attempting to compete with price reductions due to yield improvements, we believe this will not help in the long run as CMOS continues to improve with offering technologies such as back side illumination (BSI) improving low light conditions.

Even in one of CCDs largest segments – digital still cameras – the technology is waning projected to drop to 25 percent of CCD revenues and 27 percent of all CCD units by 2015.

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