Saturday, February 25, 2012

ISSCC: Samsung RGB/IR-ToF Paper Reviewed

Tech-On published a review of one of Samsung papers on RGB/ToF sensor. The RGB pixel size is 2.25um, while ToF pixel is rectangular 2.25um x 9um. The sensor has 1,920 x 720 RGB pixels and 480 x 360 ToF ones:


  1. How to create the Visible and NIR separation between colour imaging channel and ToF channel ?
    Is there a IRcut on the CFA ?

    -yang ni

    1. Yang Ni, please see the discussion under ISSCC Report Day 2.

    2. Thanks Eric ! I didn't notice that. Bt the way, the NIR value sensed by Z-pixel can be used to compensate the residual NIR in the RGB pixls.

  2. Thanks. Exactly what we say in the paper. EF


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