Thursday, May 03, 2012

Caltech Sues ST, Nokia, RIM over Image Sensor Patents Infringement

Law360: The California Institute of Technology accused Nokia, Research In Motion and STMicroelectronic of importing products that allegedly infringe on its patents on image sensing technology.

Caltech asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to launch an investigation into claims that semiconductor manufacturer STM made smartphone camera components that infringe the school's patented technology, then sold the parts to Nokia and RIM for use in Blackberry devices and other phones.


  1. With which patents do they sue these companies? They need money?

  2. I believed it's the APS patent, they sued Sony and cannon long time ago and settled the lawsuit with Sony off the court.


  3. Dont most imaging companies like OV, Aptina, Samsung use APS? Does that mean they all are susceptible??

  4. Aptina is grandchild of JPL/Caltech and has license. Most big companies already took license I think.


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