Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stanford/UPenn Team Reduces Wires Light Scattering

NanoWerk: Pengyu Fan working in Stanford University Prof. Mark Brongersma's group is the lead author of an ambitiously-named paper published online on May 20th in Nature Photonics journal: "An invisible metal–semiconductor photodetector".

The paper says that if one covers a silicon nanowire by a thin gold plating, it almost stops scattering light due to cancelling of plasomonic dipoles in Si wire and Au plating:

The researchers propose that plasmonically cloaked pixel wiring in image sensors might reduce the cross-talk between neighboring pixels due to a dramatic reduction of light scattering over broad visible spectrum and wide angle of incidence. The gold plating can be substituted for the more common Cu or Al while maintaining the same cloaking efficiency.

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