Friday, May 25, 2012

NHK 33MP/120fps SHV Sensor

First presented at ISSCC 2012, NHK and Shizuoka University Ultra High Definition imaging setup features in quite a few marketing materials this week:

First, the new Super Hi-Vision sensor features on the first page on NHK's Broadcast Technology Bulletin. The article mostly re-iterates the stuff presented at ISSCC.

Second, runs an article accompanied by Youtube video from NHK Open House 2012. The article says that NHK plans to increase the light sensitivity of the 1.5-inch SHV sensor.

Third, the new sensor presentation opens NHK R&D lectures at the company's Open House being held on May 24-27, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. And there is a dedicated booth showing the new image sensor.


  1. I still like "UDTV" over "SHV". SHV sounds like shove or worse, shiv. Meanwhile, I still think it is great the NHK has worked with so many smaller companies in the development of this technology over the years. It has been good for everyone and it has been fun watching this technology evolve.

    1. not to mention "Shiva" the Hindu deity, aka "the destroyer."


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