Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Panavision Announces 1080p/120 5um Global Shutter Pixel Sensor

Panavision Imaging announces Dynamax DYN0021 2.14MP CMOS image sensor, a 2/3-inch 1080p/120 video sensor with more than 130dB DR in either global shutter or rolling shutter mode, aimed at industrial markets. The sensor features:

  • Active Column Sensor (ACS) technology, which achieves reduced noise levels at high gain settings,
  • Correlated Multi-Sampling (CMS) technology, to further reduce noise or add gain,
  • Dual rolling or global shutter integration for intra-frame, on-chip HDR imaging
  • Dual words per pixel for dual gain per pixel

The sensor's typical power consumption at 60fps speed is less than 760mW.


  1. What is the noise of the sensor?

  2. Hard to say, but a 3.2MP sensor with the same 5um pixel is said to have less than 8e- noise in global shutter mode. It's not clear if this includes multi-sampling or not.
    Another way to calculate noise is to look at full well and DR. The full well is stated to be 21.2Ke- and the DR is 62dB in single integration mode. Then the calculated noise is closer to 15e-.

  3. If their datasheet is reliable :=)

    1. 8e- noise is at 4X analog gain, noise at zero gain is probably 15e-

    2. based on their claim of 62dB dynamic range, the noise at lowest gain should be ~17e-.

      their integration capacitor should be ~2.4ff which provides a kTC noise of just under 20e-.

      it seems to me there is little benefit to their CDS/CMS technique - a drop from 19e- to 17e- is not much to crow about

  4. Does anybody know the estimated price for this sensor?

  5. anyone knows the price region of this DYN0021 (rough number for 1k/year)?

    Maybe a little off-topic and for sure already known to most of you... e2v is about to release a 2MP version of their great EV76C560. It is called EV76C570 and the characteristics are somehow similar to this panavision sensor
    1600x1200, 4.5um/pix, 1/1.8inch, 60fps at full res, 120MHz, 10 bit/pix

  6. I guess that they tried to sell this sensor to Chinese market...


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