Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spectral Instruments Offers 112MP CCD Camera

Tucson, AZ-bases Spectral Instruments shows its new product - 112MP CCD camera with 95mm x 95mm B&W sensor. The CCD is cooled down to -100C to reduce noise. The company's Youtube video demos the new 1110s camera:

Spectral Instruments also has 900 series 256MB camera, but the CCD sensor there is composed of 16 lower resolution CCDs.


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  2. Let's try that again. This looks like Dick Bredthauer's sensor. see:
    2007 IISW paper

  3. The sensor should be placed in a vaccum chamber, no??

  4. Albert TheuwissenMay 20, 2012 at 11:17 PM

    Oeps, is this correct ? If I remember well (sitting in a hotel room you can not remember everything !) this camera is based on the Canon CMOS sensors presented at ISSCC and IISW. I think it is not a CCD in that case.
    Also Canon used an 8" wafer, and Dick's was on a 6" wafer. At Philips, a full wafer-scale CCD was done in 1996 as well, but that was also 6" (see 1997 IISW).

  5. Albert TheuwissenMay 20, 2012 at 11:19 PM

    Look at this one :

  6. Well, they say CCD many times, and Zeke says the sensor is 95 mm x 95 mm which is 9 um x 10,560 pixels on a side, almost exactly, as Dick said. Just because an article shows up on the Canonwatch site, doesn't mean it is a Canon product!

    I am sticking with Bredthauer over Canon based on these facts.

  7. On the flyer on Spectral Imaging's website there is a picture showing a 6" wafer with the CCD on it. You can even read "STA" at the top of the wafer, so quite likely it's Bredthauer's CCD.

    See page 2 on

    Another picture of the same wafer can be seen here (Dalsa semiconductor, who fabbed the CCD) :

  8. Albert TheuwissenMay 21, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    Thanks for your reactions. So I think you are right, the title CANONWATCH was misleading to me. Enjoy your day.

  9. I'm pretty interested in astronomy, but I'm curious if there are some non-astronomical applications for this thing?

    1. Contact sensing or long micro-channels integrated on top?

  10. Giant mobile phone for example :)

  11. It has been a pleasure watching the speculation. Yes, Eric it is our STA1600 111 mega pixel CCD imager. Dinosaurs continue to roam the earth. If you look at our web page you can see where they are going.


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