Friday, May 04, 2012

DSLR Rumors: Nikon to Use Aptina Sensor, Leica to Use ST's One

NikonRumors, PetaPixel: Italian website MarsicaLive started the rumor that the next generation entry level Nikon DSLR D600 will use Aptina's sensor, specifically designed for Nikon.

Leica News and Rumors: Meanwhile, French website tells that Leica will be releasing a new medium format SLR camera (S3?) during the Photokina 2012 show. The Leica S3 will feature a new medium format CMOS sensor produced by STMicroelectronics. The same French article says that Microsoft Kinect uses ST-made sensors too (may be second source to Aptina?).


  1. The website puts a question mark behind "moyen format", leaving open what size sensor it would be; APS hardly can be called "geant" but concluding this would all point to a new S3 is a bit quick. We are "all" waiting more for the M10 than the S3 now, are we not?

  2. There was also talk of a mirrorless camera update and a possible DSLR type camera, in addition to the M10 which is deffinetly scheduled for this year with CMOS instead of CCD. Rumour was leica in discussions with Sony also. Leica officials have stated repeatedly that they are looking to replace M9 with CMOS for better overall perfornance. If they do then Nikon D800E gives a good example of what could be done. Leica shooters won't want to sacrifice IQ for any reason.

    In light of D800 Leica may want to re think not expanding MP on camera for M10 (they thought current MP enough) as D800 has shown clearly that there are significant IQ gains available from large MP with both detail and ISO by down sampling image size, retaining resolution, detail and decreasing noise.

  3. Well Leica is no longer the Leica in the past.


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