Sunday, May 06, 2012

Kodak ISS Manufacturing Control

Microsoft published "Kodak Case Study" on how Kodak Image Sensor Solutions Group (Truesense now) uses MS SQL Server to control its manufacturing process. Few interesting quotes:

"ISS produces more than 400 different products and must manage specific process flows in fab, assembly and test for each.

The front end operation puts silicon wafers within a lot on a workflow that involves about 300 to 400 steps. This process takes from three to four months to complete. The back end workflow takes the die—the imagers that are on those wafers—and cuts them into individual die or sensors, and then packages them into a product that can be used in any number of devices. This takes about 10 days to two weeks to complete.

"Kodak ISS has a diverse portfolio of products. Even within that product portfolio, there is some variance for each of those products that requires some specification inline to make each perform differently for the end customer."

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