Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lfoundry Announces 110nm Process with Imaging Option

PRWeb, EETimes: Rousset, France-based LFoundry announces PDK 110 for ots 110nm Aluminum process. The PDK includes several advanced technology options, especially an embedded Flash which is proposed in 90nm resolution.

"This PDK is particularly well adapted for key applications such as... CMOS imagery," commented Jean-Pierre Delesse, President, LFoundry Rousset. It's not clear if flash memory processing module can be combined with the CIS one.

LFoundry Rousset is a former Atmel fab sold to Germany LFoundry GmbH in 2009. The German LFoundry fab was shut down in 2011.


  1. Good news for Europe!

  2. Good news indeed but not yet the reality.

  3. Not yet the reality?

  4. But this should be at least a relyable reality. To release a PKD based on a few PCM-data is not a trustfull database. You should have also the corners and some statictic data for the Monte-Carlo. But i think we will not get so much more.

  5. Funny, the Fab in Landshut is still metioned on LFoundry homepage

    In total the homepage looks to be a little bit out of date
    e.g. Roadmap (no change since Q3/11 ?!?) http://www.lfoundry.com/index.php?id=9&L=elkvwerlup
    Location (wrong Location of Landshut Corporate Headquarter on map)http://www.lfoundry.com/index.php?id=6&L=4

  6. If you would check 2 months ago, you could even find many open jobs for the fab in Landshut. Obvious the LFoundry-management has more urgent things to do, than keeping the homepage (which should the buisness card of the company) updated.

  7. Lfoundry could acquire Micron Technology Fab in Italy. Any news about this?


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