Sunday, May 06, 2012

Video Stabilization and Rolling Shutter Artifacts Removal on Youtube

Google Research: The next time you upload your videos to YouTube, YouTube will automatically detect if your video needs stabilization and offer to do it for you. Many videos on YouTube have already been enhanced using this technology. More recently, starting from May 4, 2012, Google implemented rolling shutter removal as well. The before and after videos below show the effectiveness of the new Youtube algorithms:

Google's recent paper "Calibration-Free Rolling Shutter Removal" was awarded the best paper at IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography, 2012. The video examples of the paper's algorithm are on Youtube:


  1. What is the computation complexity needed for this correction ?

    Thanks !

    -yang ni

  2. Loss of FOV obviously means it's calculating motion vectors based on frame-to-frame difference. The cropped FOV is used to then move the displayed frame box to oppose the direction of motion to give the illusion of a stabilized image.

    There are smartphones on the market today which employ such a shake-reduction method during video recording.

    1. You've missed the point. While this is also performing shake reduction (stabilization), it's also removing rolling shutter artifacts - the so-called jello cam effect.

  3. let's see some rotating fan blades

  4. I agree with the previous post. I didn't see any real rolling shutter artifacts in the "before" images. Let see some fast moving cars or spinning objects.

  5. Without having read the paper; my guess is that only rolling shutter artifacts due to camera motion (jello effect) will be removed. Removing artifacts due to moving objects in the scene would be much farther into the realm of impossibility.

  6. BULL$HIT! Youtube stabilization does NOT remove rolling shutter in the slightest. There R some offline softwares that will, but whether U-Boob claims it does or not, the RESULT is it does NOT. I have uploaded many videos with massive Jell-O & it does NOTHING 2 fix that, while offline tools DO! 4 example, MuVee Turbo Stabilizer worx AWESOME 4 getting rid of ALL Jell-O. However, it does not remove shakies as well as U-Boob. Google should steal the de-Jell-O portion of that program, & add it 2 their already superior 'shakies' remover. THEN Google will have something. So far their Jell-O removal does NOT EXIST. It is a LIE that they do it. IT does NOTHING 2 fix Jell-O yet.

  7. I agree. Rolling shutter is not characterized as camera shakiness.


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