Monday, May 14, 2012

SMIC Qualified 1.75um Pixels, Reports Strong CIS Process Demand

SMIC's 2011 annual report says "In the CMOS image sensor process technology area, 1.75um pixel device was successfully developed and qualified, and ready for 2 mega and 3 mega pixel applications."

Seeking Alpha: In Q1 2012 earnings call transcript: "Fab specific, our Shanghai 8-inch aluminum fab loading is also strong. Not only driven by powered [inaudible] IC, CMOS image sensor in embedded EE. We have successfully transferred the CMOS image sensor in the embedded EE for our Shanghai 8-inch Fab to Tianjin Fab. And time of type capacity enabling such compatible process capability between Tianjin and the Shanghai Fab will better our flexibility in order to accommodate customer demand."


  1. It is about time to take over other foundries?

  2. Is it BSI or not?


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