Friday, June 02, 2017

Caeleste: How to Hand-Calculate Image Sensor MTF

Bart Dierickx, Caeleste CTO and CEO, kindly permitted me to reproduce his IISW 2017 poster "How to hand-calculate MTF in front-side and backside illuminated image sensors" written by himself, Jean Bourgain, and Bert Luyssaert. Everybody is invited to download and use the spreadsheet with the quick calculations. Bart says he would be happy if as many people as possible review it, comment, and, possibly, find ways to improve it:


  1. Interesting.
    I had made something similar more than 10 years ago for FF*QE (and very rough MTF) but it only worked on simple and large pixels; as soon as we switched to more metal layers, smaller pixels and microlenses, it proved to be wrong or very highly inaccurate. I have never tried it on BSI.

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