Saturday, June 24, 2017

Light Field Sensor on a Chip

Light Field Forum notices a recently published SK Hynix patent application US20170179180 "Light Field Imaging Device and Method for Fabricating the Same" by Jong Eun Kim proposing the integration of the whole light field system in the microlens stack:


  1. Very impressive structure for the light field sensor, does it proved in commercial sample?

  2. Can someone explain what this innovation is?
    What's a light field sensor?
    How is this an innovation? The fact that there are 2 microlenses of different size stacked on the sensor, if so why would you want a large microlens on top of smaller microlenses, what's the benefit?

    1. You can measure the amount of light entering the larger microlens as a function of angle. The sum is the same, but having angle information allows addition scene information to be extracted computationally. See Light Field Camera...


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