Friday, June 09, 2017

Face Recognition in China

FinancialTimes, Telegraph, South China Morning Post: Face recognition becomes quite widely used in China:
  • Baidu has developed facial recognition gates for entry into its offices and ticketed attractions.
  • Ant Financial, the online payments affiliate of Alibaba, lets its 450M users log in to their online wallets by taking a selfie
  • China Construction Bank allows customers to pay with their faces at some vending machines
  • Car-hailing service Didi Chuxing is using face recognition to verify drivers’ identities
  • Facial recognition has been installed in ATM machines, KFC restaurants and even public toilets
  • Baidu used facial recognition technology to help reunite lost children in China with their families
Beijing-based startup Face++ raised $100m in its third fundraising round in December 2016, which granted it unicorn status by a valuation of more than $1bn. Another 3-year old Beijing-based start-up, SenseTime, boasting 99% face recognition accuracy, is valued at more than $1bn too.

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  1. How safe are these face recognition?
    Experience with Galaxy S8 shows that such system can easily be sppofed, see:


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