Sunday, June 18, 2017

Plasmonic Filters Found in Mass Produced Device

SystemPlus reverse engineering of NanoLambda NSP32-V1 spectrometer discovers plasmonic filters inside:

"The NSP32-V1 spectrometer uses a 1024 pixel, 32 x 32, nano-optical filter array to measure the light spectrum, based on a technological breakthrough, the plasmonic filter. This is a metal film perforated with subwavelength hole arrays. It is manufactured within the metal layer of the silicon die, giving a monolithic solution.

The 100μm-high sensor die is assembled in an advanced ball grid array (BGA) package with an optical window for only 500μm height. The other optical parts, the lens and the diffuser, are assembled in a 5.7mm-high module. The module is very small overall, at just 6mm x 6mm x 5.3mm.


  1. Where does it state this is mass produced?

    1. Click on the second link in the post, then go to the bottom of the page. There is a statement there:

      "NSP32, spectral sensing platform for IoT, mass production started."

  2. NSP32, nano spectrometer in Silicon Valley
    Booth 1710 @ Sensors Expo, June 27-29, San Jose CA


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