Thursday, June 15, 2017

Melexis Integrates ToF System onto 2 Chips

Melexis new ToF chipset includes the MLX75023 1/3-inch ToF sensor and the MLX75123 companion IC that embeds many of the external components normally required to develop a 3D vision solution. With this high level of integration, designers no longer need external FPGAs and ADCs thereby reducing size, design cost, product cost and time-to-market.

The MLX75023 ToF sensor is said to offer the world’s smallest pixel at QVGA resolution with 63 dB linear DR and sunlight robustness, thanks to Melexis' advanced pixel technology (15um Softkinetic pixels, that is). The MLX75123 companion chip directly interfaces the sensor IC to a host MCU and provides rapid readout of data from the sensor.

Gaetan Koers, Product Manager for Melexis commented: “We are very excited about the possibilities the launch of this chipset unleashes. The simplicity that it brings to the design process will ensure that more applications will be able to benefit from 3D TOF vision. In this fast-moving technology sector the in-built future proofing will mean that our customers will be able to remain at the leading edge for years to come.

Melexis opens a Youtube channel devoted to its new ToF platform:

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  1. ... this dual IC solution is/was available at IEE since 2005/6. Qualified AECQ100.


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