Tuesday, June 13, 2017

THine Mass Produces 15m MIPI Extender

BusinessWire: THine has started, from June 2017, mass-production and delivery of THCV241-Q MIPI extender which makes it possible to transmit image data up to 15m by converting MIPI CSI-2 interface to V-by-One HS interface. The 8MP 30fps image data can be transmitted by V-by-One HS with one pair of shielded twisted pair wire or one coaxial wire (or one shielded twisted quad cable). Such extenders are popular in automotive and security cameras.

Features of THCV241-Q:
  • MIPI CSI-2 input (1/2/4lane, 1.2Gbps/lane), V-by-One HS output (1/2lane, 4Gbps/lane)
  • Capable of transmitting image data of 8Mpixel (4K2K) 60fps at the maximum (in case of V-by-One HS 2 lane)
  • Control signal bridge function of GPIO/UART/2 wire serial interface
  • Error detection function including CRC (image data transmission path/control data transmission path)
  • Function of distributing image data (in case of V-by-One® HS 2lane)
  • Follow AEC-Q100 Grade 2

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