Monday, June 05, 2017

GPixel Announces 43MP GS Sensor, More

GPixel announces a 43MP global shutter sensor, a high QE BSI sensor and a line scan TDI sensor:

43MP GMAX0806 GS sensor features:
  • 7915 × 5436 resolution
  • pixel size 2.8μm
  • maximum frame rate up to 180fps
  • read the noise 2e-
  • aimed to high-end industrial testing, Film machine, aviation railway detection, astronomical applications and more
GSENSE2020BSI features:
  • 4MP resolution
  • pixel size 6.5μm
  • peak QE greater than 90%
  • readout noise 0.8e-
  • aimed to biological microscopy, spectral Imaging, astronomical imaging and other areas.
GL0816 linescan TDI sensor features:
  • 8322 × 16 linear array
  • on-chip 2 TDI
  • maximum frame rate up to 130kHz
  • peak QE higher than 70%
  • read the noise 2.4e-
  • aimed to high-speed industrial testing, machine vision


  1. Interesting about charge storage device in pixel that keep high frame rate.

  2. GMAX0806 already beats all the GS sensors on IISW 2017, amazing!

  3. I wonder what kind of interface they're using to transfer 77.4 Gbit/s from the sensor. C-PHY ?

    1. The .PDF says "18 pairs of sub-LVDS" at a "Max data rate 18Gbit/s".

      Check out their 5K GSENSE5130 using 80 LVDS for 268fps, with Dark noise (Rolling) 1.5e- @ 82 dB.

      A handful of excellent Sensors on their Site. China moves ahead.


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