Thursday, June 08, 2017

MediSens 2016 Presentations

MediSens Conference publishes some its 2016 video presentations on-line:

Martin Wäny, CEO, Awaiba SA, Member of AMS group talks about "Miniature camera modules for visualization in micro invasive surgery:"

Koichi Mizobuchi, Deputy General Manager, Medical Imaging Technology Department, Olympus talks about "Medical endoscopic imaging and requirements for future image sensor design:"

Renato Turchetta, CEO, Wegapixel, now CEO at IMASENIC, presents "How CMOS can be further leveraged to advance medical imaging:"

Biju Jacob, Senior Engineer, X-ray Detector Development, General Electric presents "Advances in CMOS Wafer scale imagers for medical imaging:"

There are many more presentations at MediSens Youtube channel.

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