Friday, January 12, 2018

Innoviz LiDAR Prototype

PRNewswire: Innoviz presents its prototype LiDAR (model Pro) at CES, with quite a complete performance spec, a rarity among LiDAR startups (sans Velodyne):

Looking forward, the company intends to bring the automotive-grade InnovizOne model sometime in 2019. It requires quite a leap in technology to reach the targets in resolution, FOV, range and size set at last year's CES:

Update: As of January 16, 2018, the following design targets are presented for InnovizOne automotive-qualified product on the company page:


  1. Innoviz has a YouTube channel with various media uploaded there.
    Some of their devices is demonstrated there (upload on Jan 5th) in a SLAM scenario for a front mounted position on a vehicle.
    The shown visualization is unveiling a 4-beam setup with the individual beams looking very "fixed" relative to the vehicle but each describing a sinus alike curve ranging from near to far in a widening amplitude. some would say it looks like the trace of a laser beam in a laser printer. the depiction is astonishingly very static with no "bumps" at all. all beams have a bit of overlap at the meeting edges.

    see here:

  2. PS: the mentioned video is for InnovizPro™ - so its not the compact device presented in the article above - even if some of the technology aspects might be very comparable between the two models.


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