Wednesday, January 10, 2018

NXP, LG, and HELLA Announce Open Automotive Vision Platform

GlobeNewswire: NXP, LG, and HELLA Aglaia announce a strategic collaboration for automotive vision applications. The new vision platform will be made available to all automakers to promote best-in-class detection and classification of vulnerable road users to save lives.

Many of today’s automotive vision platforms are proprietary, inflexible and provide little room for automakers to differentiate in the global marketplace. They also inhibit further software integration and innovation and generally lock out the ability to combine the best available sensing technology and software sources in the market. The collaborators’ joint development work, led by LG, is based on the conviction that vision platforms must be open and safe to meet NCAP guidelines and to pave the way for level 3 to 5 automated driving.

The camera-based vision system, developed by LG together with NXP and HELLA Aglaia, is designed to detect and classify vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists and activate auto emergency braking (AEB). The cameras can be attached to the windshield behind a car’s rear-view mirror.

Additionally, the system detects traffic signs, notify the driver of speed limits, monitor lane keeping and facilitate steering correction in case of unintentional drift. NXP’s accelerated vision processing IP, together with algorithm expertise from HELLA Aglaia and LG allow such applications to run at very low latency and within a market leading power envelope.

Openness and collaboration empower innovation. Now is the time for partners such as LG Electronics, NXP and HELLA Aglaia to combine resources in an open vision system for the safety of this generation and generations to come,” said Lee Woo-jong, president of LG’s Vehicle Components Company. “We look forward to working with NXP and HELLA Aglaia on our camera-based vision system, one that carmakers around the world will use to help bring about the autonomous revolution.

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