Thursday, January 04, 2018

ON Semi Introduces New ADAS Sensors

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor announced a scalable family of CMOS sensors ADAS and autonomous driving. The new family offers a choice of imaging devices based on a common platform and feature set. The AR0820AT, AR0220AT and AR0138AT sensors have resolutions scaling from 8.3MP down to 1.2MP, with improved low-light performance from 4.2 ┬Ám pixels.

As the number of image sensors on a vehicle increases, having a scalable platform with common core features and pixel architecture becomes even more important for automakers to deliver new safety and self-driving features to market quickly and efficiently,” said Ross Jatou, VP and GM of the Automotive Solution Division at ON Semiconductor. “Our deep engagement with customers and the advanced features of our new image sensor family enable them to bridge development efforts across ADAS and autonomous driving programs.

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